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Not Just You :D
Sunday, December 18, 2011 | 9:23 PM | 0 Budak Hot

Darling .. I Know Your Seen Better Times .. I Know Our Songs Had Better Ryhmes .. Before Today , No !! Darling .. I Guess I Made The Wrong Mistakes .. I Understand If You Need Your Space .. Please Take Your Time .. Before You Go Away .. So Far Away .. You Need To Realize ..

Baby It's Not , Just You .. You Know With Hurt's Me Too .. Watching You Leave .. With Tears On Your Sleeve .. Don't You Notice That Mine Aren't Exactly Dry .. Baby It's Not , Just You .. That's Hurting , Yeah It's Me Too .. I'm Sorry , I Wasn't There To Catch The Fall .. I Didn't Hear You When You Called .. All Of Those Nights .. Please Don't Forget The Good Days With Me .. I Can Make Back The HeartAche And Grief .. When It Get's Dark And It's Hard To See .. I'll Turn On The Lights ..
Before You Go Away , So Far Away .. I Really Need To You Know ..

Hidup dan Mati ku kerana Allah SWT ♥

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