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Thursday, June 7, 2012 | 7:19 AM | 0 Budak Hot

"Save your heart for someone who cares :)"

Hey you, you, you, you, you.Yes, You.Every time I miss you.I'mmmmmmmmmm okay if you don't miss me but I'm sorry because I astray into your heart.Give me a beautiful way and let me past my tired, for a while asleep in your shoulder.Hahahah I know maybe I'm just "Syok sendiri" but who care?!! OhmyEnglish!! *throw the shoes* AHAHAHAHAH just kidding.Okay be serious *kitty face* Lol.I want you know it.I'd be lying if i said i don't miss you.Serious, If i say i miss you, I mean it.Lol I want ask you.Just asking you :) Hurmmmmmmmmmmmm Can we together forever? Consolidate the feeling you and me.Hopefully, our love is eternal.Insyaallah, arriving last forever.Ehem You, please, look out the window.No!! No ghosts out there.Trust me *cute face* lol.Please look at the stars.Yes, the star.Look how they shine for you and everything you do.And please remember, I start my day with you on my mind and end my day with you in my dreams.Okbai :*

Tett!! I don't have any idea what i want post.Sorry :)

Don't Call A Girl Obsessed When She In Love.Remember it :)

Hidup dan Mati ku kerana Allah SWT ♥

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